Don't Leave Loose Ends: 3 Tips For Widows With Multiple Childern


If you are a widower with multiple children, and you are getting up there in years, then it is important to take care of your estate. You don't want to leave a headache for your children (massive paperwork and legal battles) to complicate their grief over your passing. While some people believe that their children will inherit everything and a will is not needed, it's best to get everything in writing.

22 March 2017

3 Estate Planning Tips That Can Help You Minimize Probate Costs


You've worked hard to build an estate with assets and funds to leave to your heirs when you're gone. Chances are that you don't want to see the value of that estate reduced by excessive probate costs. You want your heirs to inherit as much of it as possible, preferably with as little fuss as possible. Take a look at some things you can do now to help minimize probate costs and make it easier for your heirs to take control of their inheritance when the time comes.

17 August 2016

2 Team Members That Can Help You Be A Successful Rental Property Owner


During your time as a rental property owner, you are going to deal with all types of tenants and situations. Some tenants are going to be great and other may be a bad experience for you. You need to be ready to handle all situations by having the right team members to help you with your rental property business. Here are two team members and how they can help you be a successful rental property owner.

24 September 2015